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About Burlingame

About Burlingame

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County, the beautiful city of Burlingame is the “Gateway to San Francisco.” Burlingame features the sights and sounds of the big city, with the charming, eclectic mood of small town America.

Discover the scenic views along the shoreline of the bay, beautiful parks, museums, and upscale shopping all within a short distance from the San Francisco International Airport. From the front doors of the hotel, step out onto Bayside Fields for a beautiful afternoon in the California sun!


Burlingame Trees

Burlingame is proud of its designation as a “TREE CITY USA.” Many trees growing in Burlingame are City-owned trees and are maintained by the City.

Official Tree List online with photos and tree descriptions Courtesy of Mike Reitsma and Pam Buckley. Call the Parks Division office at 650-558-7330 for the appropriate list of trees that are available for planting in your area.

City Street Trees Burlingame Municipal Code, Chapter 11.04

Important City Tree FAQs & Policies

Urban Reforestation & Tree Protection Burlingame Municipal Code, Chapter 11.06

City Street Tree Inventory The City of Burlingame has a comprehensive street tree inventory that allows “guests” to access a City tree by address.

Learn more information about your City of Burlingame Trees!

Plant-a-Tree with the City of Burlingame

Each residential Property in Burlingame is entitled to one 15 gallon street tree at no charge, if the property does not already have one. There are a variety of different types of trees the property owner can choose to have planted by the city, but choices of trees are limited to the planter strip width and if your property is on a designated theme block. If space is available, additional trees may be requested at the property-owner’s expense. Landscaping, ground cover & low shrubs (up to three feet in height, not encroaching on the sidewalk or street) are allowed without a permit.

Parks Division staff plants trees in the City’s right-of-way in January, April, and October. If you are interested in receiving a street tree or learning more, please contact Gina Borba via e-mail at [email protected] or phone call at 650-558-7330.


Things To Do In Burlingame

Things to do, Parks, Recreation, Trails, Tennis Courts, Museums, Dinning and More


Bayside Fields

Just outside our doors lies the lush grounds of Bayside Fields! Baseball and soccer fields as well as walking paths line the picturesque scenery with a glorious view of the San Francisco Bay. If you’ve brought your dog with you during your vacation, feel free to step into the gated, off-leash area where they’ll be able to play and run around in the California sunshine!

Burlingame Golf

Take an afternoon to work on your game when you visit the Burlingame Golf Center! With affordable rates this exciting and challenging driving range is perfect for a day off to work on your swing. Enjoy the stunning open view as you watch your shots soar to the pin, and when you’re done, return to the club for a satisfying meal at Gabriel &, Daniel’s Mexican Grill.

Peninsula Museum of Art

Located near the border of Burlingame and neighbouring Millbrae, the Peninsula Museum of Art is a complex of several galleries and artists’ studios with a mission of exposing more people to art and bridging the gap between the community and professional artists. The museum provides visitors with personal interactions with artists, as well as receptions, art talks and workshops for both children and adults. Because of the rotating exhibits, you could make this a stop on every trip to the Bay Area and still see something new each time. And on top of that, admission is free.
Burlingame Public Library
After the original library had been destroyed by the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, a new library was commissioned by the city. The new library’s architecture has won multiple awards and was featured on the cover of American Libraries. If architecture is not your thing, the library offers several classes, seminars and talks on various subjects relating to literature and art. While you may not be able to check out any books, libraries are often a great way to learn more about the region and city they serve and can provide a unique look into the community and culture of the area.
Burlingame Fresh Market
If you are in Burlingame on Sunday morning, the Fresh Market is a great place to get fresh, local produce for a delicious and healthy breakfast. A favourite destination for locals, it is one of the few community-owned and operated farmers markets in the Bay Area. In addition to food, the market often has musical entertainment, local artisans, and vendors that say this is their favourite at which market to sell their goods. There are also local retail sellers that represent local shops and food products from the area. Additionally, the market occasionally runs on Thursday afternoons; a full schedule can be found on the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce’s website.
Preston’s Candy & Ice Cream
For more than 60 years, Preston’s Candy and Ice Cream has been a fixture of Burlingame and the surrounding area. Supplying handmade candy to locals and tourists alike, this candy shop prides itself on locally made treats and is happy to welcome visitors into their shop. If you go in the morning, you can also see the candy-making process as the freshly made treats hit the shelves for sale right out of the oven. If you are unable to visit the shop in person, you can also order candy on their website, and they will ship it right to your home. They are open every day of the week, but check their website for hours as they vary from day to day.
Kohl Mansion
A historical mansion built in the early 1900s, Kohl Mansion began its life as ‘The Oaks’ and was originally constructed by Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Kohl after they returned from visiting Europe. The mansion has 63 rooms, including a billiard room, organ and echo organ rooms, a china room, a scullery, two steel-lined fireproof vaults and more. Many of the stylistic choices show a very European influence as the inspiration for the mansion was inspired in part by the large villas and houses the Kohl’s had seen while in Europe. Since its origins, Kohl Mansion has passed through the hands of many owners and even been partially destroyed by an earthquake; however, today it stands as a historical landmark and a fixture of the region’s past.
Anza Lagoon
Anza Lagoon is a small inlet of the San Francisco Bay on the northeast part of the city. The lagoon itself is located on a small peninsula and is surrounded by several points of interest. There are several hotels nearby for those staying a few nights in Burlingame, as well as restaurants such as the Waterfront Café, Kincaid’s Burlingame, and Fire | Vine Grill & Bar. In addition to the food, there are plenty of stunning views in this part of the city. Situated on the bay, the sunrise views are amazing over the water, and several trails circle the lagoon for those looking to get out on foot and explore all this area has to offer.


With 18,000 trees and 15 public parks, nature lovers can keep busy outside. One of our favorite hidden gems is Mills Canyon wildlife area: home to 28 acres of beautifully preserved native plants and animals as well as the Ed Taylor hiking trail.

“J” Lot Playground

Tucked away in the corner of a City parking lot is the J Lot Playground. The park is very small and contains only playground equipment for young children. Adult supervision is a necessity, given the proximity to downtown traffic.

Click here for a 360° view of the J Lot Playground.


Alpine Park

Click here for a 360° view of Alpine Playground.


Bayside Dog Exercise Park

Check out the City of Burlingame’s Dog Exercise Park! The idea of a dog park is for the dogs to run and play together. A dog park is meant for our domestic dogs to meet occasionally and run and socialize together without any one of them taking the dominant role. As humans, we are the leaders in our dogs lives. This is why you must have control over your dog so it will listen to you and obey commands.

We welcome dogs that are:

  • Obedient and social
  • Non-aggressive
  • Not in heat
  • Over 4 months old (due to mature immune systems)
  • Currently licensed and vaccinated (spaying & neutering recommended)

Dog Area Size: 3/4 Acre

Please read and abide by the following guidelines:

Hours of operation: 6:00am to 9:00pm

Parking: Spaces are available in front of the park on Airport Boulevard or in Bayside Park.

Gate: Always be sure the gate is closed and latched after you enter & leave the park.


  • Adults must always keep an eye on your dog(s) and child(ren) at all times.
  • No more than 2 dogs per owner.


  • Leash dogs while entering and exiting the playground. Dog owners must always have a leash in hand.
  • Try and have your leash off your dog before a large number of dogs come running up to you. Your dog feels more vulnerable if it is leashed and approached by several loose dogs.
  • There is less of a chance for aggressive behavior when all dogs are off leash in this situation.

Toys: If your dog is possessive of its toys, please do not bring the toys to the Dog Exercise Park.

Care of the Facility: You must clean up after your dog. Fill any hole your dog digs.

Dogs are not allowed off leash on any athletic field or other areas of the park at any time.

The City of Burlingame assumes no liability for the users of the Dog Exercise Park. Use this facility at your own risk.

Please report all dog bites as soon as possible to the Parks & Recreation Department at 650-558-7300.


Bayside Fields

Bayside Fields have been the site of considerable development. It provides the largest collection of formal athletic facilities in Burlingame. Lighted fields are available for soccer, youth baseball, and softball. Several miles of trails are available for walkers, runners, and cyclists. The trails connect with the expanding Bay Trail system. Finally a dog exercise park is part of the complex. The dog exercise area is over 570 feet in length, allowing even large dogs to run to their hearts’ content.


Community Garden at Bayside Fields

Cuernavaca Park

Click here to view a 360° view of the Cuernavaca playground.

Click here to view a 360° view Cuernavaca park.


Heritage Park

Once a residential property, Heritage Park now provides passive recreation for the neighborhood where it is located. There are no formal recreational facilities at the park. Benches and a small picnic table are available at the site. The intent of the park is to provide a spot for a quiet lunch or a few minutes of contemplation. The park is densely planted. Many of the plants date to the time when a residence stood on the site.

Click here for a 360º view of Heritage Park.


Laguna Park

Laguna Park combines a two court tennis facility and a children’s play area. Both are intended for casual day use only. Neither is appropriate for large formal gatherings. The park is located in a residential neighborhood.

Click here for a 360º view of Laguna Park.


Mills Canyon Wildlife Area

Mills Canyon is a wildlife area within the City limits. Within the park is a hiking trail. The loop trail gives the walker a variety of views of the Canyon. Plant and animal species native to the Coastal Foothills live in the Canyon. The park is intended for limited recreation. In order to protect the native plants and animals, dogs must be on leash in the Canyon. The Friends of Mills Canyon is a volunteer group that provides organized thematic hikes in the park. The Friends also engage in improvement/cleanup projects throughout the year. Click here for the new Mills Canyon Trail Map and informational brochure. 


Murray Field

The newly turfed Murray Field reopened in September 2018. The field is frequently used by AYSO, club soccer and club lacrosse teams. When not reserved for practice or games, the field is open for recreational use – typically during mid-day on the weekdays. For more information about reserving Murray Field visit http://burlingame.maxgalaxy.net/.


Paloma Playground

Longtime Burlingame residents will recall Pershing Park as the former site of a local elementary school. In the early ‘80s the school site was converted to a neighborhood park. Two large Casuarina trees remain from the original school landscape. The park is designed to serve families with young children. The facilities are appropriate for informal play experiences for individuals and small groups.

Click here for a 360° view of Pershing Park.


Pershing Park

Ray Park

Shorebird Sanctuary – Natural Marsh

Located at the mouth of Mills Creek and adjacent to Benihana’s Restaurant, this section of marshland serves as a sanctuary to 10-15 species of migratory birds. The sanctuary was founded by Luanna Hammett and designated as the Shorebird Sanctuary in 1973.

Trenton Playground

Trenton Playground is a fenced in neighborhood park, located at the intersection of Rollins Road/Trenton Avenue/Dwight Road. The park is small, providing only playground equipment for young children. Adult supervision is a necessity, given to proximity to the Rollins Road traffic.

Click here for a 360° view of Trenton Playground. 


Victoria ParkVillage Park

Victoria Park is a small neighborhood park in the southeast section of Burlingame. The park has an upgraded playground, which is appropriate for young children. There is also a half court basketball court available for play. The park is notable for its grove of Coast Redwoods, which creates an appealing complement to a quiet residential neighborhood.

Click here to view a 360° view of Victoria Park.


Washington Park

Village Park is a neighborhood park on the north end of town that bustles with activity. It is home to the City’s popular Village Park Preschool program. It is a popular site for casual use. The Park is ideal for tossing a football, reading a book, eating lunch, or a variety of children’s play activities.

Please note, pursuant to Burlingame Municipal Code Chapter 10.55, Section 030, the following special rules and regulations apply to the use of Village Park. These rules and regulations are in addition to and supplement the general rules and regulations governing the use of City of Burlingame parks. On weekdays, between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, no group of more than fifteen (15) persons shall gather in the park without specific written permission from the City’s Parks & Recreation Director.

Click here for the 360º view of Village Park.

Click here for the 360° view of the Village Park Playground.




Schools, City and Community

Info and Links


Burlingame contains 11 primary and secondary schools. One of the best schools is Burlingame Intermediate School, with a rating of 10. It has 889 children. The public schools in Burlingame belong to Burlingame Elementary School District. Burlingame’s population is 31,121. Burlingame Elementary School District enrolls 11% of the population of Burlingame.




Garbage and Recycle


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Projects Around Town


Community Development


Parks and Recreations


Human Resource





Burlingame is a small town on the Peninsula in the Bay Area. Some of the features include restaurants with multi-cultural cuisines, retail shops on Burlingame Avenue and smaller businesses located on Broadway Avenue. Public transportation is convenient with two train stations and a bus line that travels throughout the peninsula and into San Francisco. The town exhibits family friendliness with local events such as “Art in the Park” and the town’s annual “Pet Parade.” In addition to events, many historical buildings have been preserved and are the focal point of the town’s appeal. Burlingame is a town that offers hotels along the Bay front which makes it an excellent place to visit and the uniqueness of the town’s diversity makes it an intriguing place to live.

Burlingame is home! I moved here with my mom and dad when I was 2 1/2. My two little sisters were born here, this is home! Everywhere you go – you will see a friendly smile and friends who you grew up either in school or from the local softball team. Burlingame is clean, the people are kind and the weather is usually beautiful! Of course, I am so excited for August when I go away to school, but I will truly miss my town. I already cannot wait to come back to visit, because I know that I will be welcomed home with so many hugs and smiles!

Burlingame is so amazing! It is the best place to live, and in my opinion the best place ever. Everyone here is so friendly, and the small and amazing community is very lovely!

Burlingame is amazing because there are so many activities to be done here. The downtown at Burlingame Avenue has so many shops and restaurants to stop at with your friends. I eat out at restaurants that all have varying cuisines. There are also frequent festivals that I attend with my family that brings the whole community together.

Amazing place with many restaurants and parks, as well as a good environment. The schools are full of useful resources and friendly with all the suburbs. Although slightly on the expensive side, Burlingame has wonderful housing.










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