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San Mateo, city, San Mateo county, western California, U.S. It lies on the western shore of San Francisco Bay, 16 miles (26 km) south of the city of San Francisco. Sheltered by hills from ocean wind and fog, San Mateo enjoys a mild maritime climate.

In the 1960s San Mateo began to take on a metropolitan appearance, with a cluster of multistory buildings in the downtown area. Its shopping centres and business offices continue to serve the surrounding area. The (community) College of San Mateo was founded in 1922, and the city is also the site of the Bay Meadows Race Track and the San Mateo County Expo Center. Local attractions include Coyote Point Museum, located in Coyote Point Park, which provides environmental education, and Central Park, which contains a traditional Japanese tea garden.

Things To Do In San Mateo

Things to do, Parks, Recreation, Trails, Tennis Courts, Museums, Dinning and More


Coyote Point

Nestled in the bayside area of San Mateo, Coyote Point serves as the perfect outdoor getaway for families and groups of friends alike. With large amounts of picnic tables you can reserve, Coyote Point is a great barbecue spot on a sunny weekend. There are also five walking trails you can venture on to get great views of the bay and to see the San Francisco skyline from a different perspective. With great beach access located on the bayside, there is a great opportunity to participate in various water sports. The most popular in Coyote Point is windsurfing, which also makes for great people-watching if you don’t feel too adventurous. Coyote Point, 1701 Coyote Point Dr, San Mateo, CA, USA

San Mateo Japanese Garden

While the San Francisco Japanese Garden gets all the attention, the San Mateo Japanese Garden does not disappoint. Unlike the one located in San Francisco, the one in San Mateo is free of charge. Along with that, the crowds are less populated, thus giving you a more intimate experience with the beautiful scenery. San Mateo Japanese Garden, San Mateo, CA, USA


Tucked inside Coyote Point is CuriOdyssey, an interactive science and wildlife center whose focus is on children and families. This is a great daytime activity with the family or a birthday party for a group of kids. Most of the animals are native to California and are there because, in their current condition, they would not survive in the wild. With constantly new and rotating exhibits, events, and activities, be sure to check out the website for something that catches your eye. Sawyer Camp Trail, Skyline Blvd & Crystal Springs Rd, San Mateo, CA, USA

Community Centers and Pools

The City of San Mateo operates about 200 acres of parks and 6 community centers with 2 pools, over 900 athletic and fitness classes and more than 500 creative classes.

Community Gardens

The City of San Mateo has two Community Gardens which allow access for residents to plant and grow their own flowers and vegetables for a nominal yearly rental fee per plot.Plots are available to San Mateo Residents only (proof of residency is required). As of December 2018, the annual rental cost for a plot is 28 cents per square foot to cover the garden expenses. All gardeners must sign an annual licensing agreement, pay their annual fee and maintain their plots year-round.For more information on how to obtain a plot, please contact a board member for the garden location you are interested in, indicated below.Beresford Community Garden
2701 Parkview Way, San Mateo, CA
[email protected]Los Prados Community Garden
1837 Bahia Street, San Mateo, CA
[email protected]

Dogs in Parks

We love dogs and provide an off-leash park for them within several of our Parks.

Dogs are allowed in our other parks, but must be kept on a leash. The City has an Off-Leash Program to allow more opportunities for dogs to be off leash in the parks. For more information on the program please review the brochure.

Our dog park and off-leash areas are very popular and we continuously work with dog owners to make the parks safe and fun areas to exercise your pet.

Some helpful hints to remember:

3’s the limit: Because it is difficult to handle more than 3 dogs at a time, we enforce a “no more than 3 dogs per handler” rule.

Clean up after your dog: In order to keep parks safe and clean for everyone, dog owners must pick up after their dogs. We provide doggie waste bags and many garbage cans.

Use a leash for your dog: In all parks except for the off-leash parks, you dog must be on a leash. Unleashed dogs are a safety issue for you, your dog and others – and it’s against the law.

When to unleash your dog: Dogs in the off-leash exercise areas should be unleashed. If you keep your dog leashed when others run free, it increases the odds of an aggressive encounter. But remember to keep you leash handy in an emergency.

Be in control: You should be in voice command of your dog at all times and be attentive to what your dog is doing. Please leave aggressive or anti-social dogs at home for the safety of your dog and others.

No food: Dogs love treats – sometimes a little too much. In order to avoid any food-related confrontations, please leave your treats at home.

License and vaccinate: It is important to vaccinate for the health of your dog, but it’s also the law. No unlicensed or unvaccinated dogs can enter the park.

In heat? Stay at home. Female dogs in heat can encourage dog fights. If your dog is in heat, please do not bring her to the dog park.

Kid friendly? Ask first: Not all dogs are comfortable around children. Ask before interacting and remember that children under 14 should be closely supervised.

Pilot Program for Off-Leash Dog Area @ Fitzgerald Field

The pilot program for off-leash dog hours is expanding to Sundays between Sunday 9/2/2018 – Sunday 10/28/2018. The hours will remain the same as weekdays: 6am to 8am.

Marina Lagoon & Beaches

With 4 miles of inland waterway in the City of San Mateo and some of the most visited Department of Park & Recreation sites, the City is committed to ensuring the San Mateo Marina Lagoon is fun and safe.

Our Harbor Patrol Officers are responsible for boating access and safety on the Lagoon. The Marina Lagoon offers sailing, rowing, swimming, power boating and water skiing opportunities. Harbor Patrol makes sure that whatever the activity, the San Mateo Marina Lagoon is safe for everyone.

Sawyer Camp Trail

Located within the Crystal Springs Regional Trail, Sawyer Camp Trail is the most well-known and used segment. Spanning 12 miles along the San Andreas Fault, this trail is incredibly beautiful and a breath of fresh air among the heavily populated cities. Whether it’s a bike ride, hike, or a simple walk along the path, Sawyer Camp Trail provides a stellar backdrop to enjoy the outdoors. Make sure to be on the lookout for Jepson Laurel, the oldest and largest Laurel tree aged at about 600 years old.


Schools, City and Community

Info and Links


94403 has 15 schools. One of the highest rated schools is Aragon High School, which has a rating of 10. Aragon High School has 1,499 students. Public schools in 94403 belong to San Mateo-Foster City or San Mateo Union High School District. The population of 94403 is 17,900. San Mateo-Foster City enrolls 67% of the population of 94403.


Permits & Business License Portal

San Mateo Public Library

Career Opportunities

Agendas & Minutes Public Meeting Portal

Recreation Activities

Public Safety Information & Services

Volunteer and Engage

Building Permits

Electric, Gas, Water


Recycling, Compost, and Garbage

Neighborhood Improvement & Housing

Maps and Applications

San Mateo Public Records Request Center

Storm, Sewer, and Wastewater

Streets & Sidewalks

Street Sweeping Program Improvements

Traffic in our City

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One thing I like most about San Mateo is the different stores and restaurants it has to offer. There is always something new to enjoy about San Mateo. The other thing about San Mateo is the different events in the area. From the Fall chili cook off to the Winter Ice Skating park in Central Park, there is always something interesting and new in San Mateo.

I really like how San Mateo is very safe. There aren’t a lot of crimes around here because the police do a very good job of protecting and serving. The schools are very high quality, and all students of San Mateo schools are guaranteed a good education. San Mateo is also very diverse.

San Mateo is such a rich place to live. It is very family oriented. Everyone in San Mateo grows up knowing everyone. Living here is pricey but it is worth it. The people bond so richly. As a pacific islander, I grew up feeling like I belonged because there were so many people that looked just like me which is rare now that I have moved away from San Mateo. I felt as if I belonged to a community of family and friends. The education is great but not so diverse, it consists of mostly white people but still many Polynesians compared to other cities which was really cool. San Mateo is beautiful and growing fast, economically. The college of San Mateo is awesome and has a great education and athletic program.

San Mateo is a beautiful city. If you get the chance to live here, you’re not more than 15 minutes away from the closest beach in Half Moon Bay, and not more than a 20 minute drive from San Francisco. The traffic in San Mateo can get busy at times, especially during rush hour, but overall it’s manageable and not too claustrophobic. There are a variety of options to grab a bite to eat around here. The only draw back is that it’s hard to find a place that’s open past 10pm. Regardless of that drawback, people usually make their way down to San Francisco if they want to stay out late, because it’s a short drive. The local public and private schools are excellent, and are nationally ranked due to their prestige. Living in San Mateo for the past 7 and a half years, I’ve always felt safe walking through my neighborhoods, no matter how late I happened to be out. I would recommend this city to anyone who wants to live here, it’s a great place to be in.


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