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South San Francisco occupies the basin and portions of the sides of a broad valley formed by the San Bruno Mountains on the north and the Coast Range on the west. Most of the valley faces adjacent San Francisco Bay, affording sweeping vistas, from higher levels and a definite sense of identification with the Bay. South San Francisco has mild winters and dry cool summers. The hills to the west shield the city from much of the fog that prevails in neighboring areas.

The population has tripled since World War II with the opening of such subdivisions as Buri Buri, Winston Manor and Westborough on the slopes west of El Camino. It has grown from 4,411 in 1920 to 67,082 in 2019.

South San Francisco offers its citizens a city in which to live comfortably in fine residential areas; a place of recreation in parks, swimming pools, and marina; a place to work in more than 2,800 firms and businesses including many biotech companies such as Genentech which gives the city the title of “Birthplace of Biotechnology”.

Things To Do In South San Francisco

Things to do, Parks, Recreation, Trails, Tennis Courts, Museums, Dinning and More


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Address:255 S Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA 94080-6703


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The Parks and Recreation Department manages over 270 acres of parks and open space, averaging 4 acres per 1,000 residents:

  • 145 acres of 21 parks and playgrounds, including Orange Memorial Park and Centennial Way
  • 80+ acres of open space at Sign Hill Park, Oyster Point Marina, and a Community Garden
  • 14 acres of athletic fields, partially shared with South San Francisco Unified School District
  • 24 acres of street medians, 4 acres of green spots, 8 acres of parking lots, and 10.9 acres of other city landscaping

Parks and Facilities

For a list of the city’s facilities and parks, view our Interactive Parks Map, or download the Facility Park Chart.

Picnic Rentals

Reservations for private parties at our parks can be made to the Parks and Recreation Department at (650) 829-3800. For more information, please visit the Picnic Reservations page.

Submit a Service Request

If you see anything in our parks that may need maintenance, please call the Parks Division at (650) 829-3837 or submit your service request online by using EngageSSF.

Parks Division 

Physical Address
550 North Canal Street
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Ph: 650-829-3837

Fx: 650-877-8665

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Valuable Open Space

In addition to serving as a monument in North San Mateo County, Sign Hill provides a valuable 44.6 acres of open space and almost two miles of hiking trails. In 1996, Sign Hill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sign Hill also serves as the home of the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly, various species of birds such as egrets, gulls, and terns, and wild irises and poppies.


Map of Sign Hill | Directions to Sign Hill


  • Ridge Trail (0.77 miles) – Along the crest of Sign Hill from Ridgeview Court to Spruce Avenue
  • Seubert Trail (0.36 miles) – From Poplar Avenue entrance up to the Ridge Trail
  • Eucalyptus Loop Trail (0.27 miles) – Off of Seubert Trail along base of Sign Hill
  • Iris Hill Trail (0.27 miles) – Off of Poplar Avenue up to the Ridge Trail
  • Letters Trail (0.2 miles) – From Poplar Avenue along the base of the letters to the Ridge Trail

Learn About Seubert Trail and Seubert Grove

Seubert Trail and Seubert Grove is named after Alphonse Seubert, who was a long-time resident of South San Francisco and original member of the South San Francisco Beautification Committee. Also known as “Mr. Sign Hill,” he was known for his involvement on Sign Hill since the 1960s. It is estimated that Mr. Seubert had single-handedly planted an estimated 5,000 trees on Sign Hill, and was regularly seen going up and down the hill watering and nurturing all of the seedlings he had planted. Additionally, he was instrumental in the development of the trails that are in use today.

In 1991, Mr. Seubert was named a recipient of the National Arbor Day Foundation Lawrence Enersen Award. Recipients of the award are individuals whose life’s work exemplifies commitment to tree planting and conservation in community improvement. Mr. Seubert passed away in 2006.

Community Gardens

The South San Francisco Community Garden was established and first used by growers in 1984.  It is located on Commercial Avenue east of Chestnut Avenue, and consists of 28 plots, a storage shed, water spigots, and a portable toilet is also on site.

Plots are leased for a fee of $100 per year plus a $25 key deposit. They are leased on a yearly basis to South San Francisco residents who cultivate, plant, maintain, and enjoy gardening space while supplying their own tools, equipment and supplies.

Renewal of plots takes place in April of each year.  Presently no plots are available, and there is a waiting list.  Interested parties may call Marie Patea at the Park Maintenance Office to be placed on the list if and when plots become available at (650) 829-3837.


The City of South San Francisco has a total of 20 children playground areas. Playground equipment is inspected on a regular basis for the safety of the children. Playgrounds are filled with ADA approved wood fiber surfacing and rubberized surfacing. Most playgrounds are used daily, especially during the spring and summer months. You can also see park map locations at

Playground locations are as follows:

Orange Memorial Park
781 Tennis Drive
Memorial Drive, end of parking lot

Westborough Park
Westborough Boulevard & Galway Drive

Alta Loma Park
450 Camaritas Avenue

Avalon Park
Dorado Way

Brentwood Park
Rosewood Way & Briarwood Drive

Buri Buri Park
200 Block of Arroyo Drive

City Hall Tot Lot
Miller Avenue at Walnut Avenue

Clay Avenue Playlot
Clay Avenue & Dundee Drive

Common Greens Play Areas
various locations

Cypress & Pine Playlot
Cypress Avenue at Pine Avenue

Francisco Terrace Playlot
Terrace Drive at South Spruce

Gardiner Lot
Gardiner Avenue & Randolph Avenue

Paradise Valley Park
Hillside Boulevard & School Avenue

Sellick Park
Appian Way

Siebecker Playlot
Tamarack Lane & Elm Court

Terrabay Gymnasium
1121 South San Francisco Drive

Winston Manor #1
Duval Drive & Graystone Drive

Winston Manor #3
Newman Drive & Gibbs Way

Winston Manor #5
Dundee Drive & Mansfield Drive

Zamora Playlot
Zamora Court

Schools, City and Community

Info and Links


South San Francisco contains 11 primary and secondary schools. One of the highest rated schools is Monte Verde Elementary School, with a rating of 9. It has 547 students. Public schools in South San Francisco belong to South San Francisco Unified. The population of South San Francisco is 64,043. South San Francisco Unified enrolls 15% of the population of South San Francisco.



Business License




Park and Recreation


Boards and Commissions

City Council

Phone Directory

City Clerk

City Manager

Economic and Community Development



South San Francisco is the perfect city because of its convenient location, cleanliness, and overall atmosphere of the community. SSF is close in proximity to large, urban areas, but has a small-town feel that is perfect. There are a variety of small shops and restaurants as well as easy access to big-name retail stores.

I like the quaint town feel, especially downtown during the holidays. My husband and I both run around our neighborhood and feel safe. I do appreciate having memorial park, the dog park and other outdoor activities in a close vicinity. It makes it convenient having a Costco, traders Joes, Starbucks, and BART all in the same locations.

South San Francisco is a great city. The neighborhood I live in is quite beautiful and silent most of the time. The neighbors are friendly and our families always engage in conversations. There are schools nearby but the children keep quiet and cause no trouble.

Been living in South City my whole life. The town has a lot to offer. Sports, various spots to eat at – whether it’s in downtown, westborough square or on El Camino. Very nice and peaceful! Diversity all over the town!

I feel like it’s a extremely safe, convenient, and diverse community. I have been lived here for 5 months after moving abroad for studying. It is so close to international airport that I can travel around in no time.




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