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Holly was our buyer's agent and we highly recommend Holly as a top-notch realtor.Holly is extremely hardworking, patient and a no-nonsense agent that is very knowledgeable in her field. We have been working with Holly for over a year to find a house in Peninsula. Throughout that time Holly was very patient and always responsive but never pushy. She did periodic check-ins to see where we were with our decisions on housing location. Due to her experience in houses within the area, she also provided very meaningful insights on the physical conditions of the homes that we visited. Because of her expertise and her flawless estimates, we were able to find ourselves a very nice home in a great location. Holly was in constant communication with us as we navigated escrow. She addressed any concerns and explained the process to us. As a first-time home buyer I felt comfortable going through escrow because Holly was able to explain anything I didn't understand. Me and my wife feel lucky to work with such a great real estate partner!                                                                                                                                                                   Kapil - Foster City
                                                                                                 Sushant - Belmont

My wife and I are first-time home buyers and had been browsing for over a year now. Holly was very knowledgeable about the San Mateo area and we found a townhouse recently that we loved. Unfortunately our loan wasn't fully approved yet so we went in with a contingent offer. Holly was amazing throughout the process, she was very good during the negotiations and we ultimately had our offer accepted after Holly thought to put a 1 hour timeline on our counter. We feel so lucky to have gotten our house thanks to Holly and our loan officer. Highly recommend!                                                                                                                                                          Steven - San Mateo

We were so lucky to work with Holly, whom we met through our friend Elissa & Scott's reference. Holly was so knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy throughout our entire 6 month period of house searching, selling and buying a new home. Holly knows the greater san mateo area really well and she was so helpful when we were strategizing on whether to rent or sell our house and when putting in offers for homes on the market. She patiently and diligently helped us when we went through a tricky period of selling our house, getting rent back while waiting for the new house to be ready over 4 months. We wanted a hassle free sale process for our then current home and she quickly helped us find buyers off-market for a great price point and have a seamless sale and close process within a month. She was so helpful when going through mountain of paperwork for both sale and purchase of a home (she was better than having a lawyer!) and she has years of relationships with inspectors, title companies, electricians etc to help get things done very efficiently. 
Overall, I was very fortunate to have met such a knowledgeable and reliable person in the real estate business and plan to continue to do business with her in the future. 
                                                                                                          Miri - San Mateo

OMG Holly just helped us close on another house and saved us a bundle in addition to getting us vastly over asking on the house we were selling! I would not even think about working with anyone else if I had to buy or sell another house. We all know that the process of buying and selling is super stressful! Holly helped make the whole thing much smoother.
1) Very strong negotiator: Holly was able to help us strategize on a list price and a strategy that netted us more than $100K over our expectations in a fairly soft bay area market (El Granada) when we sold our home. Furthermore, she was able to help us win the bid on the house we have today in San Mateo even though we weren't the highest bidder. That was based on her advice on when to place the offer, where the price point needed to be and how to structure our contingencies. We got the second house we put an offer down on which is very rare in San Mateo real estate market right now! I credit that to her expertise on advising us an her negotiation skills.
2) Extremely accommodating: Throughout the process of selling our coast side home and buying a house on the peninsula, Holly was available over email, text and phone for all of our questions and freak-out moments. She helped talked my husband off a ledge a few times ;-) and never made us feel like we were putting her out at all - it was all just "part of her job". She helped coordinate inspections, contractors, all sorts of stuff without a fuss! She was such a God-send!
3) Excellent network: When we worked with Holly several years ago to sell a home, she actually helped us decide to take it off the market when it softened in 2006-2007, helped us find a renter, then helped find a buyer when the house wasn't even on the market! Without Holly and her network of people across the bay area and coast side, we never would have been able to sell our house in Moss Beach when it wasn't on the market! And we got a pretty good price too! Thanks Holly! Furthermore her office is connected with both a title company and a mortgage broker, making it a one-stop-shop. Super convenient for two full time working parents that travel!
We've worked with her on two home sales and two home purchases. I wouldn't work with anyone else and would highly highly recommend her!
                                                                                                       Scott & Elissa - San Mateo

My husband and I worked with Holly on the purchase of our new home in September.   Holly is a tenacious advocate for her buyers and she knows the market very well.  On our fourth try Holly helped us win the prettiest of homes we saw and we both absolutely love it.  We have a toddler and Holly was amazing about accommodating him on our home tours and meetings.  She would enthusiastically occupy him so we could really evaluate properties.  He loves Holly!  Once we purchase your home through Holly the support doesn't end.  She is a wealth of knowledge about navigating the escrow process and has many good recommendations for contractors to fix everything on your inspection reports.  Holly really cares about her clients and we really enjoyed getting to know her.  We recommend her without hesitation.  Thank you Holly!
                                                                                                         Kevin & Kari - San Mateo

Holly helped us find our home on the Peninsula after eight months of looking. The market is TOUGH!  With every property we considered, she would always use her experience and research to show us how she arrived at her predictions of the best purchase price. Even a pro like her was baffled by some of the crazy stuff that has happened in the market this last year. 
My favorite part about Holly was that she never pressured us. Even when (in hindsight) we were totally wasting her time with a too-low offer she would enthusiastically walk us through the paperwork and put a positive spin on everything. She only wanted us to do what we were comfortable doing. She was so patient with us. We would add a city or neighborhood to our list of possible locations only to remove it weeks later, and we even called off the search once because we were so frustrated by the amount of stupid money people were throwing at houses.  She was always happy to take our call and answer all our questions or meet us at a house on a moment's notice. She was AMAZING with our two young kids, watching them while we toured homes and genuinely engaged with them. My kids miss her and are thrilled when we occasionally run into her around town.
Two major reasons to hire Holly is her stellar reputation and her connections. Other agents like working with her and she kept us in the game by knowing the other players, even getting an inside scoop on a preemptive offer that we were able to compete with when no one else knew it was coming. I can still call her with questions about how we can fix/update something and she always says "I got a guy". All her referrals have been as honest, reliable & friendly as she is.
After all that work we think we got a great deal in a tough market, in the neighborhood we wanted. Thank you Holly!
                                                                                                                    Martina - San Mateo

Holly Noto recently sold my 91 year old mother's home in South San Francisco on the first day it was on the market. I live in St. Paul Minnesota and would not have been able to do this without Holly. She went well above the call of duty to help my nearly blind mother with this difficult move. I was so impressed with her credentials and how she answered all of my questions and provided help every step of the way. We stayed in contact via email and phone calls throughout the entire process. This was not a simple move. Prior to placing the house on the market someone hit a car in the street which was pushed into my mother's fence bringing it down. Holly took care of this problem, which I could never have done from a distance. There were many instances when I talked with my mother that she said Holly had been there and taken many bags to Goodwill for her. The toilet in the house also gave up the ghost and Holly handled the replacement as well. I have no doubt that Holly made this very difficult time much easier for my mother and myself. I simply could not have done it without her. I do not hesitate in recommending Holly Noto as a first class, extremely dedicated realtor. If you want your home sale to go well Holly is the person to hire."
                                                                                                         Dixie- South San Francisco

I was fortunate enough to work with Holly in selling our family house this year. First off, I have to say how patient Holly was with us getting our side lined up to sell. To say the least, we were not very organized, but Holly was very patient and offered some much needed guidance in order to help get us through the first stages of selling.
For the next steps, Holly was there to guide us through home improvements, ideas and preparation. She provided contacts, and even showed up herself to help. Holly was so tremendously helpful, taking on many of the tasks that we simply could not get to. We came up with a plan, and she did everything she could to ensure it was executed.
The final stages of selling were also made so easy with Holly. She was very involved with each aspect of the sale, meeting with us personally, communicating with us extensively and thoroughly, and organizing everything we needed beforehand. Her knowledge is clearly extensive, and it made my life so much less stressful. In the end we received many great offers.
After the sale of the house, when Holly's job was completed and she officially had no further business ties with us, she still made herself available and gave us excellent guidance and references for the next stages of our family life. Again, this was after the sale. Who does that these days!?! Clearly, only a consummate professional who really cares. And by the way, through it all she was very pleasant to work with. Thank you very much Holly.
                                                                                                                    David - San Mateo

My husband and I recently worked with Holly in selling our home in San Carlos. We chose Holly because of the wonderful experience our son and his fiancé had when she helped them purchase their first home. Holly is the consummate professional. She handled every detail and made this stressful process much more bearable. I always felt that Holly had our best interests at heart and she worked hard to ensure we accomplished our goals regarding price and timeframe for selling. We were in a unique position in that we didn't need to sell our home, we just decided to test the market. Had we not gotten the price we wanted, we would have stayed in the house. Also, we didn't want the process to drag on and would have pulled the listing if we didn't sell quickly. Knowing all this, Holly expedited the entire process and was able to sell our house in a week for $100,000 over asking price.  In addition to being professional, knowledgeable, and reliable, Holly is also warm, friendly, genuine and down to earth. She was a delight to work with and I can't imagine another agent that would have provided such high level customer service combined with such an amazing attitude. I can't recommend Holly highly enough, on a scale of 1-10, I'd rate Holly an 11.
                                                                                                       Keith & Kathy - San Carlos

I if I had to describe Holly in one word it would be AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING!!!!! My fiance and I are first time home buyers and when looking for a new place to live on the Peninsula, we hadn't the simplest clue of what to do! We called up Holly after a friend had referred her and after seeing her great yelp reviews and I honestly have to say that was the best decision we have ever made!! Holly was there for us every single step of the way and beyond. She literally went BEYOND what she had to do to ensure we were happy home-buyers.
The market is VERY VERY tough right now, especially for first timers, but Holly was relentless to find us a home, and we did!! In Redwood Shores! Holly was always available, day or night, she would be there. You can call, text, email and she will respond instantly. She has many connections and is very well regarded and liked in the area which is so great because you automatically have an in with selling agents. If we wanted to view a place 4-5 times before putting in an offer (which we did!), without hesitation she would say "YES lets do it, ill be there!"
Holly goes above and beyond to make sure you do everything possible to give you a chance at the home you are bidding on. She even HAND delivers your offer to the selling agent which most selling agents were surprised at as they said usually people didn't do that!
A major plus is that she has been in the business for a while and knows her stuff! Being a first time buyer, the lingo and paperwork can get wordy and start to not make sense. She always explained everything we had questions on in ways we could understand. We never had too many questions though, because Holly was always so on top of everything and great at explaining what everything meant.
When I say she is amazing, I don't just mean she is amazing at her job (because she definitely is), but I also mean she is just a down right amazing person! She is so genuine, so sweet, so caring and so fun!! She is just a COOL person! That's the best way to say it.
After telling family and friends about our experience with Holly, they were shocked out how AMAZING she was and said they would definitely use her when it came to selling or buying homes. Just call Holly and I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
                                                                                         Matt & Rachelle - Redwood Shores

Holly is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She also comes with an excellent network of contract workers to take care of the many minor and major details when getting a house ready for sale.
                                                                                                        Lorraine & Bazil -Belmont

Holly literally saved us $25k and I will tell you how.  Holly did such an exemplary job with helping us to sell our house in Belmont that we of course turned to her when we looked to purchase in the hyper competitive San Carlos market. 
After 5 months of making offers and getting outbid, at times by offers in excess of $300k above the asking price, we were getting deflated.  I never thought it would happen to me, but when the right house came along, I was ready to go "all in."  When Holly heard our bid, she advised us that based on her decades of experience and intimate knowledge of San Carlos, our bid was too high and that we should lower it.  We lowered our bid by $25k and still got our dream home in San Carlos. 
I do not know any other broker that would advise you to make a lower bid.  Think about what that means - Holly clearly put our interests above everyone else.  Holly - thank you so much! 
I also want to reiterate what many others have stated - that Holly is amazingly patient (she took us around San Carlos for months and kept us going even when we lost hope ourselves), goes above and beyond by scheduling inspections and attending on your behalf , and overall, she is simply outstanding.  Holly - from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.
                                                                                                 Jeffrey & Jennifer - San Carlos

We tried unsuccessfully for about 1.5 years to buy a house before we met Holly. She immediately put us on the right track that we were able to buy the house of dreams soon after we met her. We really wished that we had met Holly earlier in the process.
She is honest, hardworking, professional. easy to work with, has lots of great connections and gives great advice, from what the house needs to negotiation tactics and successful accurate price estimates. She is always available to us and is very patient with all our questions.
We really enjoyed working with Holly and highly recommend Holly to anyone looking to buy a home in the peninsula.
                                                                                                            Riad & Antia - Belmont  

We spent almost a year looking for a home.  Along the way, we worked with over 10 real estate agents- some offered us over $10000 of rebate, some promised off marketing listings, some showed us listings in our native language, etc. At the end, Holly provided the best home buying experience and more importantly she got us the dream home below the market price.
These are some of the reasons why I think you should give Holly a try:
Local Wisdom - Holly knows most of streets in San Carlos, Belmont and San Mateo including the weather, traffic, noise, demographic, etc.   It really helps, because tools like Redfin, Zillow, etc doesn't tell you much about the neighborhood you are about to buy in to.  We knew few folks who brought their 'dream-house' using non-local agents and are now regretting about the wrong neighborhood. Responsiveness - In this market where decisions are made in seconds and you need an agile agent who can provide the attention you need. Holly will respond to you quickly with the information you are looking for usually within a few hours if not minutes.  We had agents who don't return calls for days and cost us an opportunity.  Honesty - Holly told us not to bid on two homes because they had structural issues.   I am not sure you will find many agents who do that for you. Due Diligence -  We wrote six offers.  For each of these offers, Holly thoroughly studied the inspection reports and reviewed critical areas of the inspection reports with us carefully to ensure we clearly understand the probability and the impact of each adverse findings. Buying a home is a big decision.   Buying a home with Holly so you can get the best experience possible and more importantly-  get the right home at the right price in the right neighborhood.
                                                                                                Wunan & Yanming - San Mateo

Holly is truly an outstanding agent. We had interviewed and worked with several agents, and were lucky we found Holly via a personal reference. Her skills were as advertised. We were selling our home in San Mateo and Holly provided me with constant feedback regarding each showing. She made herself available to show our home whenever we requested, and gave us helpful advice on ideas for marketing. Even with a constantly changing real estate market, Holly understands and adjusts and has good knowledge of financial considerations involved with individuals and the process involved with bank/loan institutions. She represented us well in the sale of our home, negotiated a good deal, and we were extremely pleased with the ease of our transaction. Her local knowledge, integrity and responsiveness is second to none. You should definitely give Holly a call if you are looking to buy or sell....she will represent you will. We HIGHLY recommend her!!
                                                                                                      Bill & Michelle - San Mateo

Holly is the best! I've used her both selling a house and finding/purchasing a new one. She marketed and priced our house perfectly resulting in 14 offers and a selling price way over asking. She brought in help to cart away stuff we didn't need, referred painters, etc.
Holly is always monitoring email and voice mail and is extremely responsive.  She mellows me out when I'm stressed as happens with buying/selling real estate. She really takes the pain out of the entire transaction. She's extremely professional and knows the market very very well.
Her help doesn't stop when the transaction is complete. She continued to follow up with things months after our closing date.
I promise you can't do better when buying or selling a house. I seriously wouldn't even consider using anyone else.
                                                                                                         Rob & Beth - Menlo Park

After interviewing many realtors, I selected Holly because she was the best and she did an absolutely fantastic job in selling my house.  From start to finish, Holly made sure I was comfortable with our plan, provided input, but was never pushy, and kept the process on track.  Not only that, Holly walked me through each step of the way.  For example, many realtors simply throw the disclosure form at you and ask you to fill it out.  Holly went through the entire form, line by line, to help me complete this document and keep me protected by disclosing everything relevant to the transaction.  This took more than 2 hours but Holly was patient and helpful the whole way through.  Holly also really shines in her communication skills.  It seemed like within minutes, Holly would invariably respond to my emails and texts which always made me feel comfortable with how things were progressing.  Lastly, Holly's knowledge of the Belmont / San Carlos area is unmatched.  At our first meeting, Holly told us intimate details of the sale of the houses in our specific neighborhood in the last 12 months!  This knowledge helped us to price the house perfectly. I never write reviews on Yelp, but I made an exception for Holly because she really did an unbelievable job for me.   If you want to buy or sell your home, I would absolutely advise you give Holly a call.  Oh, and the home sold way above listing!
                                                                                                                     Jeffery - Belmont

 My husband and I have worked with Holly Noto twice and had an amazing experience in buying and selling our homes. The first time was to purchase our first home in 2006. We had a lot of questions and they had all the answers and so much patience. They took care of everything and made it such an easy process. The second time was this past December 2012 when we found the perfect home in Belmont unexpectedly. Since we weren't really in the market and our house wasn't ready to be sold, she acted super-fast and gave us everything needed to make an offer on the new house and get our house in top shape for the market - fast! Not only did we (obviously) get the new house but we had incredibly successful open houses with a lot of traffic right before Christmas! All due to her expertise and knowledge. Again, we had so many questions and she was always there for us; making us feel like her only clients (and we knew we weren't). From beginning to end, Holly was an amazing agent; always truthful, professional and patient with our crazy questions. While I love our new house so much, if we happen to need to sell or buy in the future, we will absolutely go back to Holly. We highly recommend her to anyone!
                                                                                                           Sean & Tiffini - Belmont

Thank you so much Holly for helping my wife and I buy our first home, especially in this super-heated seller's market. In a competitive market where we were up against so many other well-qualified buyers, we really needed a strong, savvy, and hardworking Realtor and teammate. Holly definitely fit the bill! Holly's experience definitely helped guide our buying strategy and she was very level-headed throughout the offer and negotiation process. Thank goodness as we are relieved to have a home now and not have to spend countless more weekends driving around looking at open houses!
Not only do you as the buyer (and your finances) need to come across as very credible to sellers, but it's also very helpful if your agent is well respected and known for facilitating successful transactions. Holly has a solid track record, is well-connected in the industry, and is well-respected. This gave my wife and I confidence that we would be well-represented to the sellers and to their listing agent. As it turns out, we got the first house that Holly helped us go after.
After our offer was accepted, Holly diligently stayed on top of the transaction through close of escrow, e.g., by staying in good communication with the sellers, my lender, and my lender's appraiser. With Holly, I trusted that she would usher the transaction through to a successful end. On top of all this, working with Holly was great given her very personable and down-to-earth manner!
                                                                                                        Philip & Glendy - Belmont

Holly is absolutely one of the most professional, accurate, patient, balanced and attentive person I have ever worked with or met in both the USA and my home country, the Netherlands. We must have spent nearly 2 years looking for a house that was completely satisfying to our needs and wishes, and Holly was there with and for us every step of the way. First we did a long orientation, to find out what we did, but also what we did not like in a house. In this very tough market for buyers, with hardly any inventory it was great that, by the time we did find our perfect house, thanks to Holly, we were ready to jump on it and move quick. Holly is very professional; always a step ahead and always on it. Whatever you need from her, she responds and reacts literally ASAP. She knows what she is talking about and goes way and beyond to give you every help or information that you need. She is calm, honest, a great listener and down to earth. She will not try to talk you into a deal she knows you won't be happy with in the end. A very rare and respectable quality for a 'salesperson'.  Besides all this dedication and accuracy, Holly is a very genuine person with a great personality. It was efficient to work with her, but also a lot of fun!
                                                                                                    Manon & Richard - Belmont
Without Holly’s help I would not have been able to out bid 19 others and bought my dream home!  In today’s market bidding is a very critical step for getting the home you like.  My agent Holly was great in helping me strategizing a plan to achieve the goal.  She is very informative and with excellent tactics in winning the bid.  She is also very knowledgeable, friendly, and reliable.  She provides great advice and performs following-ups.  I highly recommend her.
                                                                                                                       Peter - Belmont
Holly is an absolute gem in the real estate business!  I was lucky to have her list my home and negotiate the sale. Holly is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and has a keen eye to details. Holly not only set up a successful marketing plan, she kept me informed almost daily to what was going on. Holly was extremely patient, and answered (correctly) every question, idea, and thought I had while my home was listed. I was initially anxious about the selling process, but, Holly calmly guided me through all of my issues. She is quite delightful, and always available to help, or answer any questions you might have. I never doubted her when she said I would have a successful sale, everything she had explained to me, came to fruition. I cannot say enough good or kind words about Holly, she is a rarity in Real Estate these days. I can honestly say that she's the best out there! They should have more stars just to rate her. I you have the opportunity to engage Holly you will not be disappointed, but thankful that you did!!
                                                                                                                    Steve - Belmont

Holly Noto is a dream! I like to think that I'm a nice, considerate, normal person. And I like working with like-minded people. Holly is just that. She's professional, friendly, hilarious, understanding and most important, HONEST. I'm also pretty crazy on the perfectionist scale and she never disappointed - she had it all together:  showings schedules, paperwork, our wish list, etc. and never dropped the ball. I appreciate this so, SO much.
My husband and I were first-time buyers in a market we thought was going to be so awesome. I guess I should have assumed that nothing is ever easy, especially live-changing events. Anyway, we visited countless open houses and it was kismet that we met Holly. We just clicked.
We set up an interview shortly after and she sat and listened to what we were looking for. In particular, she made sure she understood what we needed as a young family in terms of location, layout and features. Holly stuck with us through an insane amount of showings. Nothing really fit.
And then we were up against a wall. Our lease was ending and our landlord refused to allow us to go month-to-month so we were starting to get desperate and consider houses that we normally would never have if conditions were different. In those moments of hopelessness, Holly reminded us of our initial wish list, ensured us we'd be okay and encouraged us not to compromise. Not once did she pressure us to decide or bid outside of our comfort zone.
When we found the place we knew it and we were ready to go. Holly patiently walked us through every step and coordinated all the players involved flawlessly. It was like the Real Estate Ballet. Gorgeous. She went to bat for us and we signed on a very fair contract for both parties.
I never would have survived this process without her. She's super supportive and comes with Peninsula-Native knowledge. She seriously knows EVERYTHING. She's incredibly kind and just genuinely amiable.
I recommend her to friends regularly but figured that including a review here would amplify the endorsements.
                                                                                                         Jenny & Kei - San Carlos

I've known Holly for several years and have always loved her enthusiasm and the passion she has for her job. It was an easy decision to select her as my realtor when it was time to sell my family home of over 20 years and to help me find and purchase my new dream home. When the time came, she brought over her portfolio and showed me her marketing strategy and the tools that she had available through Coldwell Banker. I trusted her expertise of what it would take to get my home upgraded in order to get top dollar. When the various contractors came in to do the work, I didn't have to do one thing. She oversaw the entire project. She kept me updated on each and every thing that was happening -- no matter how minor -- so I never was wondering, "What's going on?" There were many days we texted back and forth all day, even into the evening. Her hours are not 8 - 5. They are whatever hours are convenient for you.
Everything had to be perfect for my San Carlos house to sell and for me to purchase my new home in Redwood Shores. She made it happen for me. Both transactions worked like clockwork. My San Carlos home sold in three days, which enabled me to make an immediate offer on my new home, which the seller accepted. Her skillful negotiation made it so the seller gave me a new roof and took care of all of the recommendations that were made in the termite report.
Even after my San Carlos home was sold, there was a day that I had the movers come to take the treadmill and elliptical to my storage room. She was there to let them in while I was at work. There were so many times that I would tell her, "The things you are doing for me are above and beyond what a realtor should be doing."
I am so grateful for all of her hard work. I would give her the highest recommendation possible!
                                                                                                                   Diane - San Carlos

Holly is great! Home buying in the Bay Area is nothing short of difficult and stressful especially if you are a first time home buyer. Holly made the process easier and took the time to explain everything (literally everything) we needed to know from the buying process and how to present an attractive bid in a competitive market to what responsibilities come along with owning and maintaining a home. She is very personable. I STRONGLY recommend working with Holly if you are buying a home."
                                                                                    Kathleen & Luis - South San Francisco

Holly is superlative.  My wife & I moved to Nevada and Holly was our guardian (Realtor) Angel. The process of selling a home is very complicated & frustrating on its own.  Holly made the process easy to follow, easy to understand, and went beyond her role as a Real Estate agent by helping us out with hiring people to complete items I would have had to fly back to the Bay Area to handle on my own. She even helped me out by shipping some boxes I could not take with me to my new home in NV.  Holly was very masterful & kept me up to date on all issues far better than I expected. I highly recommend arguably the best Realtor in the Bay Area.
                                                                                    Andrew & Julie - South San Francisco

Holly Noto just helped my husband and I buy our first house and we couldn't be any more pleased with her professionalism, knowledge of the local market and generally going above and beyond every step of the way to make it happen. Holly was always on the ball, knew about new listings before they showed up on any of the real estate websites, and knew exactly what we needed to do to close the deal. In a ridiculously competitive market, we managed to get our very first offer accepted. We listened to all of her suggestions yet put in a bid that we felt totally comfortable with. She never pressured us or rushed us in any way and was always available to answer any questions we had, day or night (and as first time home buyers we had a LOT). Did I mention that she's also a really personable, sweet person to boot? I HIGHLY recommend Holly if you want to snag your own place in this insane Bay Area real estate market. I'm only sad that we won't get to interact with her as much now that we're all moved in into our new place.
                                                                                                           Tania & Greg - Belmont

If you are selling your house (or thinking of purchasing one) do yourself a favor and get a hold of Holly Noto.  We purchased (2004) and sold (2012) the same house with her beside us all the way.  The one thing I really liked about Holly is that she doesn’t get all caught up in your craziness.  Selling and buying is an extremely emotional process . . .She is the constant voice of reason.  She is not going to tell you what you want to hear.  Every buyer gets that “We are never going to find anything” feeling and it is then that Holly’s expertise really shines through.  She told us to make a list of what we wanted.  So when we started deviating because it seemed like we would not find what we wanted, she would listen and carefully remind us of our list. Well, we found our home and lived in it for almost 8 years. When it was time to sell and relocate out-of-state, we called Holly (again).  The stakes seemed higher this go around because we now had 3 kids to think about, relocating to a new state, and of course, the dog.  Because of her marketing, we had around 80 people come through on the first weekend; about 73 the second weekend.  I watched from up the hill of our home, giddy with excitement.  Our hose sold and closed rather quickly . . . Like I said initially, do yourself a favor and get a hold of Holly!  You’ll be glad that you did . . .  
                                                                                                         Bill & Donna - San Bruno

If you are a busy person, need flexibility but still wan the best, then I highly recommend Holly Noto.  Holly made those dreaded real estate transactions appear to be seamless.  She scheduled appointments around my schedule, which was a huge convenience for me.  Whether on vacation or on a business trip, Holly always kept me informed.  I was very impressed by Holly’s professionalism, knowledge of the market and ability to negotiate the best deal for her client.  Holly has that personal touch that makes you feel as thought you are her only client.  I will definitely use Holly Noto in the future, and you should too!
                                                                                                                   Diana - San Carlos

My husband and I just bought our first home – thank goodness we had Holly with us, guiding us with her warm personality and thorough knowledge all along the way!  We love our home more than words can say and we would not have been able to get through the entire process without Holly.  She is extremely professional, knows the ins and outs of everything and knows everyone, and more than that listened to all of our thoughts, answered all of questions an dreally made us feel comfortable going through a sometimes intense and stressful process of buying our house!!  She is very easy to talk to and spent as much time with us, after house, on her cell, as we needed.  I would recommend Holly a thousand time over!!  We will definitely be using her in the future!
                                                                                                                  Larissa - San Carlos

Holly and Debbie worked their butt off to sell my home at full asking price.  I have seven homes around the country with four being for sale.  They not only sold their listing first but did more than all the other agents combined.  They created a to do list, got the list done using their network of help, held open houses every week, called me twice a week with complete updates, and advertised my home as well as I've seen done before.  They even got an article written about my house as another way of publicizing.  They are smart, knowledgeable, hard working, and incredibly committed to getting the listing sold.  That is what makes them great. Every agent has a desire to sell but they have commitment.  They don't just list your home and hope it sells, they work all angles and directions to get the house sold.  That is commitment and is frankly the first time I believe my agents deserve every penny of the commission.
                                                                                                                     Deke - Belmont

Finally I am in my new home, my dream home with charm and character!  Thanks to Holly for helping me pull through the past six months (temporarily living in an apartment, ugh!).  Holly kept me on track for finding what it was I originally set out to find.  Holly knew what I wanted and she kept me from settling on something that I would not have been happy in.  I think another Realtor would have steered me in the wrong direction just to make the sale or to be done with me, but Holly’s patience paid off and I am so happy!!
                                                                                                              Molly - Redwood City

We highly recommend Holly as your real estate agent.  Thanks to Holly we've finally took the huge step of buying our first house and she made it so easy for us we really didn't feel it was a stressful process at all, and we were able to continue with our busy lives at the same time. My husband and I work full time, we have a 2 year old daughter and on top of that we were expecting our second baby girl. We've finally found the house of our dreams and moved a month before the birth, and Holly helped a great deal to make sure everything run as smooth as possible in every aspect of the purchase and moving process. Holly is an expert in the bay area, she can help in every aspect from legal stuff to schools to get the best deals for remodeling or quick fixes before and after the move, a truly and integral professional and partner.  Holly will always stand up for her customers and make sure you make the right decisions and you get the best deal possible.
Thanks Holly!!!!!
                                                                                                   Veronica & Earle - San Carlos

Words cannot not express my gratitude to Holly.  We were in a very bad situation, job loss, underwater, and of course the economic situation being what it is!!  I was a skeptic.  I didn't think there was any chance that our home would sell.  Holly was recommended to us by not only one couple but two. She eased my fears immediately and exceeded my expectations.  She had amazingly creative ideas that brought tons of prospective buyers to view our home.  Seriously, I was shocked how many calls we were getting and it was due to the many events she arranged and her large network of professionals.  Not a single weekend went by that we didn't have an open house.  If Holly was not able to hold one, she found an agent that could.  She called and emailed with every update and if we ever needed her she always either picked up the phone immediate or returned a call or email same day.  When we were in the process of collecting documents for escrow and we needed documentation from third parties, Holly was relentless at meeting deadlines.  She not only called consistently to ensure that the paperwork was submitted on time, she even paid several visits to the third parties office herself to WAIT for paperwork.  Holly was at our home at the drop of hat for ANYTHING; to pick up a check to deliver for services rendered, meeting me along the freeway where it was convenient for me just to sign a counter offer, even enlisting the help of her husband to help with some household fix-ups.  She had awesome connections with handymen, cleaning services, and gardners...all at lower prices then I could find.  She honestly took on ALL the work and somehow made a horrible situation pleasant. I obviously cannot say enough about Holly.  She's an absolute delight to work with and the right choice for anyone even thinking about selling.  You'll find that she will never pressure you and be you're saving grace time and time again.
                                                                                                             Kerri Ann - San Mateo

Holly Noto and Debbie Wilhelm are excellent real estate agents who get the job done.  I was particularly impressed by their professionalism and interpersonal skills.  They are hard working, organized, and very meticulous. They helped me sell the house, in a terribly slow market, in two short weeks.  Holly and Debbie helped me price the house correctly which was a big factor in selling the house quickly.  Holly and Debbie know the micro real estate markets on the San Francisco Peninsula. They have an exceptional an eye for detail and know how to market real estate properties.  In addition, they are just a pleasure to work with.   I strongly recommend Holly and Debbie!
                                                                                                                     Al - San Mateo

Holly was sent to us by the angels of real estate!
Since day one, Holly was attentive to everything we needed and were looking for in a house. She spent a lot of time listening to what was a must and what we could live without.  As first time buyers we had a ton of questions and we needed someone to walk us through the entire process in plain English and in a way that would not overwhelm or confuse us. We also needed someone who would be dedicated enough to take us on house tours every weekend since we were set on finding our new home. Holly explained step by step how everything works avoiding using technical terms and this really helped us understand the process.
She was always available for questions; she proactively sent us updates on certain markets, trends, pictures, comments and price fluctuations. She spent countless weekends showing us houses trying to find “the right one”. Rain or shine, she was always there, waiting for us at the front door of the first house on the tour with a big smile and an eager hug. Since she was so respectful and understanding of our needs she even discouraged us from visiting certain houses because she knew what we were and were not looking for. This avoided us wasting our time.
On a couple of occasions, we thought we had found the house we were looking for but Holly would sit us down and explain in detail why that house was not “right for us” – (looking back we have to say: ”Thanks Holly! You saved us from making a really bad mistake)
We have finally found the house we were looking for and are the happiest people on earth. (After Holly of course) Thanks for all you’ve done and I wish everyone who’s looking for a house to find you or someone like you (but I doubt they will)
                                                                                                       Carlos & Silvina - Belmont

I’m writing to tell you what a great job Holly Noto did selling my house in San Carlos and how extremely happy I am with her work.  Holly was a huge help to me from the beginning – she provided practical, helpful advice about all the phases of the sale – preparing it, staging it and marketing it. She had resources and contacts for every type of professional and service provider we needed.  Holly was extremely professional, dependable and organized throughout the entire preparation and sale process; she never missed a detail or forgot anything.  She was proactive in offering advice and possible solutions to any decision I faced, yet never in a pushy way.  She is very knowledgeable about the local real estate market and trends.  In additional to all this, the best part of working with Holly is she is such a nice, pleasant and positive person to be around. I loved working with Holly Noto and I will recommend her without reservation to anyone I know who plans to sell or buy property on the Peninsula.
                                                                                                                    Jamie - San Carlos

Just a quick note of thanks to you for being a great realtor.  My client is extremely happy in her new home.  Your extra efforts to get the sellers out and to get my client in did not go unnoticed.  Looking forward to doing more transactions with you.  
                                                                                                                 Helen - San Carlos   
Thank you for everything you’ve done to find our house of our dreams.  We are extremely happy.  We are so grateful to have found you.  You went above and beyond.  Please come by anytime, you don’t need an invitation.  Thank you again for a job well done.
                                                                                            Isauro & Jacqueline - San Mateo

Thank you for all your help and patience with us. We are so excited about our new house and couldn’t have done it without you.  We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know and will of course, come to you for the next one.  Again, thanks – we really appreciate all your time and time and efforts.
                                                                                                           Sean & Tiffini - Belmont

We are writing you this letter because of the “OUTSTANDING” job you did for Keith & I when you recently sold our house.  Not only were you “AWESOME” when you SOLD our house, but you were also awesome when you sold the same house TO US, two years earlier.        
You went above and beyond and the “call of duty” both times. Especially when we were selling our home and we wanted to move to Colorado before we sold our house.  You offered to take care of everything for us; including coming over everyday to check the mail, turn on the lights, and water all of our delicate flowers.  We really appreciated all of your time and energy.
Another asset of yours is whenever there was a “problem”, you would say, No Problem, I’ll take care of it . .  .” and you did!
                                                                                                        Keith & Sandi - Foster City

 We can’t express how grateful we are for your devotion during the sale of our cottage.  Your commitment and attention to detail made us feel so comfortable and at ease during the whole process.  You always went above and beyond, taking initiative whenever needed, and comforting us with your knowledge whenever things got stressful.  We can’t imagine dealing with anyone else.  It was money well spent!!!! 
                                                                                                    Andy & Lisa - San Francisco

I wanted to thank you again for all your hard word during the sale of our house. You were on top of every detail from beginning to end.  I never had to ask what was going on, you were always very proactive in keeping me aware of things. You have a sincere and “human” approach to the work that is invaluable.   You were a joy to work with after some of my prior experiences and I will certainly call you again in the future.
Thanks again for all your help during a very stressful time!
                                                                                                                 Julia - San Carlos

We’re writing this letter on behalf of Holly Noto and Debbie Wilhelm, two excellent realtors with Coldwell Banker San Mateo.  When we first started to investigate the Peninsula housing market, we attended several open houses.  At these properties, we met a multitude of agents – and out of the many realtors we spoke, with Holly and Debbie really stood out in the crowd.  They were impeccably professional, yet down-to-earth and easy to talk to.  They were more than happy to meet with us, gave us honest and knowledgeable answers to our MANY questions.  As first time home buyers, we had questions coming out our ears, plus some very specific and tough-to-find needs!  Debbie and Holly patiently discussed everything to us, and were up-front about our chances of finding our dream house, in our dream price range.
From the first listing we toured together, we could tell that they really had our interests and happiness in mind.  Over six months of searching for the perfect property, and three offers, we never once felt pressured into a decision.  Holly and Debbie were great at giving us guidance and their honest opinion of a listing, whether good or bad, but also letting us reach our own final conclusions.  When we became frustrated and felt a little like Goldilocks (this one costs too much, this one is too small, this lot is too steep, where is the one that is JUST RIGHT?), they were right there with encouragement, but also let us know when and if we needed to adjust our expectations.  In the end, Holly and Debbie helped us to find the perfect house, exactly what we’d been hoping for all along.  And, probably most importantly, when our dream house came up, they were instrumental in helping us to write a bullet-proof offer and getting that offer accepted!  Even after the paperwork was signed and escrow closed they were still right there to help.  The offered us so much assistance with moving, changing utilities, even making certain everything in the house was working once we arrived.  Debbie and Holly truly went above and beyond as realtors – we are so happy with our home, and especially our decision to work with them as our agents.   We can’t imagine leaving this great place – but if and when we do decide to sell, we will work with Holly and Debbie again, without a doubt!  Thanks again for all your help . . .
                                                                                                          Jeff & Meghan - Belmont

When I was looking for a realtor to sell my home, I went to the internet.  That is one place I have found that if you ask the right questions the answer is there.  Sure enough I found a wonderful web site put out by Holly Noto. She listed all the things you should do before listing a home.  This was my bible.  Yes Holly, I asked the right questions and you were the perfect answer.  I can’t say enough about your down to earth and professional approach you bring to your profession.  Holly took care of every detail, called and updated me often.  Being an out of town owner made it difficult to come to San Mateo to water our garden, Holly even did that for us.  Thank you again for your dedication to your client and your profession. 
                                                                                                                       Al - San Mateo

Keith & I just wanted to thank you for getting us into such an awesome house!  Working with you was a very pleasant experience.  You definitely have a positive attitude and whenever we had a “problem” the answer was always “no problem, I’ll take care of it!”  I loved the fact that nothing “stressed you out”.  At least not in front of us (ha ha!)  Thank you also for always being available when our house was in escrow and we wanted to show it one of our friends or family members.  Your professionalism was refreshing!
                                                                                                       Keith & Sandi - Foster City

When we began our search for a Realtor to sell our home we began by visiting homes for sale in our area.  We believe that the presentation of a home for sale directly reflects the abilities of the Realtor.  We hit a gold mine with Holly Noto.  For us, Holly redefined the meaning of Realtor.  When we told Holly that any problems should go through her first and then to us, we did not have any problems.    When we had questions, Holly either had the answer of knew where to go to get the answer.  Holly guided us through the maze of selling a home with professionalism that few can match.  In conclusion, we are happy with Holly as our Realtor but then again you probably already know that.
                                                                                     Dave & Patricia - South San Francisco
We can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us during these past couple of months.  From your first meeting with Mary until now, Holly has been the consummate professional yet as personable as our closest friends.   Holly helped make an extremely stressful situation much easier for us to handle and for that we are truly thankful. 
                                                                                                              Eric & Mary - Belmont

Holly Noto helped my wife and I sell our house in San  Carlos. She did an absolutely spectacular job.   We were living in London at the time and our house was rented out as a duplex.  She dealt with the tenants, organized their departure and had the house redecorated.  She marketed the house with amazing skill and worked extremely hard throughout the process.  She provided extremely skillful advice on dealing with offers and organized all the paperwork.  We completed the sale while being almost 5,000 miles from the Bay Area!  In short, we cannot recommend her highly enough.  Out of 10, we would give her 12!  I work as a barrister in London and during the sale I was extremely busy.  Without Holly’s steadfast help, it would have been impossible for us to sell our house.  I do not think that any other realtor could have given such superb service.
                                                                                                 Chirag & Jagruty - San Carlos

Holly did as much as any Realtor could have done to make the sale of our home happen at the right price and right time.  We enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm and found her to be clear, direct, fun, accurate and reliable with compassion and a sense of humor.  We heartily recommend them to any prospective  client.
                                                                                                                          Pat - Pacifica

We are writing on behalf of Holly Noto, Residential Realtor with Coldwell Banker.  We have known Holly as an acquaintance for a number of years, but recently had the opportunity to get to know her better, as she sold our condominium in Redwood City and assisted us helping to find our new home in San Carlos.Not only is Holly a fabulous realtor, offering a multitude of expertise and knowledge in the Bay Area real estate market, but she was instrumental with assistance in a variety of other areas, as well. For example, Holly was always available, flexible and willing to meet with contractors, inspectors, appraisers, etc., during times when our schedules would not allow us to do so.  Additionally, we needed to be out-of-town on several occasions when selling and purchasing our homes, during those critical times, Holly was able to take control and act responsibly on our behalf when we were unavailable.We deeply respect Holly as a professional and a friend.  We feel lucky to have been able to work with her, and in the future, if needed, will ask for her assistance and representation once again.  Finally, we strongly recommend Holly Noto as a Realtor for your personal and/or professional residential needs.
                                                                                                           Lori & Mike - San Carlos

I wanted to drop you a personal note to let you know about Holly Noto.  I know that you have lots of agents working for Coldwell Banker but I assure you that none of them exhibits the professionalism that Ms. Noto does.
Holly spent tireless hours looking up stats for us on various neighborhoods.  She took us out one Saturday afternoon for 4 hours just looking at houses.  We wanted a 3/2.  It was a 2/1 ½ bath.  “Guys, I’ll put the bid in for you if you want it, but you aren’t going to be happy with this” she would say.  “Take your time, it will happen” and “Make a list of what you and Bill want” We only bid on two houses.  The first we lost (thank God).  To make a long story short, we found this house that was up where the fog meets the earth.  It was the ugliest house that I have ever seen.   Powder blue, 1950 fixtures, hardwood floors that were hideous and I could go on and on.  Holly asked one questions, “Do you see the potential?”  We thought about that long and hard. . . . The house had been on the market for a while which I assumed was bad.  She kept reminding us that people have this preconceived idea and then painted all these scenarios for us of what could be done.  She met with all the inspectors, went to the City to see what permits had been obtained, took measurements.   We bought that home in October and closed on it in January.  When we learned it would be a 90 day close she kept our spirits up by saying, “What a wonderful way to start the year in a new house”.  I do believe that was the longest close ever and Ms. Noto was right by our side.  I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.  We closed in January and we have never looked back.  It’s the first time we have ever purchased a home and it was a truly pleasant experience.  On Saturday mornings we look out our family room and watch the fog in; on the evenings we watch the planes glide through the stars. .  .  and we think of our chance encounter with Ms. Noto and how she makes this happen.
                                                                                                       Donna & Bill - San Bruno
e wanted to thank you again for all your assistance and hard work on getting our home.  Without you, we would probably still be in our one bedroom apartment tripping over Tyler.  Thank you again for making our dream come true!
                                                                                                  Erika & Sergio - San Francisco

The biggest reference that we can give to you and your perspective clients is...bottom line....WE OWN A HOME!  What more proof do they need? 
Not only are we home owners but it was very pain-free. 
We had worked with other agents with no luck.  You were more than just an agent you were a friend.  This was exhibited in your openness to answer ALL of our questions at any time, put us in contact with people that were friendly and supportive, and making sure we crossed every T and dotted every I.  It was amazing to us that this pattern continued on your part long after the sale was DONE! We could not have purchased our home without you and frankly we will never allow any of our friends, relatives or co-workers to use anyone but you.  You made what started out as a painful, costly experience into an event that filled us with joy and excitement. 
Holly, your skills as an agent are unsurpassed but your skills as a people-person and someone that cares goes way beyond what is expected. 
If anyone wants to talk to us please have them spend 5 minutes on the phone with me......they WILL be your client.Thanks for helping
Thanks for caring and more importantly
Thanks for being YOU!
One Quote that is a GREAT example of your style:
"People don't CARE how much we know.....until
they KNOW how much we care!"
This is something that we felt from the first moment we met!
                                                                                Hunter & Michelle - South San Francisco

We would like to tell everyone and anyone who is trying to sell a house that you can’t get anyone better than Holly to help you do it.  We received a flyer from Holly in the mail right before we were thinking about selling and we called Holly.  Holly came over and told us everything that we needed to know about selling the house and took it from there!  She did everything for us we just had to leave the key.  Holly had an open house and we sold the house in six days, over the asking price.  I would also like to say that Holly is trustworthy and has your best interest at heart during this whole process.  She was always available for us with any questions we might have and we can say that she has become a friend.  We would recommend Holly to sell your house, and it would be the smartest decision you will ever make.
                                                                                  Lauren & Erminio - South San Francisco

Thank you so much for helping us sell our home in California.  We truly feel lucky that you were our real estate agent.  You’ve been more than a real estate agent to us by going out of your way to help us solve our last minute moving problems, even after the escrow was closed.  You kept us informed every step of the way and explained in every detail what was happening.  You also helped us sell our furniture by utilizing your contact list.  Everything you have done for us was far more than we ever expected from a real estate agent.  We sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity.  You are the kind of real estate agent we see in TV commercials but is not easy to find in real life!  Thanks again for all your help. 
                                                                                                     Jim & Yuki - San Carlos





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