PROP 19 BENEFITS For All Homeowners Age 55+

Holly Noto
Holly Noto
Published on March 1, 2021

If you’re a senior, retiree or older homeowner who feels trapped in a home
that no longer fits your needs, here’s some good news — Prop 19 makes it
easier for you to move to a new home without incurring a property tax hike.*

Take Advantage of Prop 19:

Keep your original Prop 13 tax base when moving to a home of equal or lesser value anywhere in California

Secure an adjusted tax rate based on your Prop 13 tax base when moving to a more expensive home anywhere in California

Transfer your original tax base to a new home up to three times

With Prop 19, You Can …

Downsize, Move Closer Family, Live Near Medical Care, Find More Affordable Neighborhood, Relocate to Any County You Choose

. . .Without Hiking Your Property Taxes

Purchasing a more expensive replacement property will result in an adjusted tax increase based on your Prop 13 tax basis.

“Prop 19 allows seniors to transfer their home’s low tax base and move near family or medical care, or downsize anywhere in California without a tax increase.” — Deborah Howard, CALSAL President, California Senior Advocates League

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